PCA or companion aide?


I live in new york city. I want to know where can i take a course for certificate companion aide?

Does this course is short term?

Can some pne please help me?

question # 2 can i get this course inmanhattan or brooklyN?

Question # 2: Where can i get a job in new york with a certificate for nurse technician? Or patient care associate?

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A lot of hospitals do their own training for companion aides or PCT's, but maybe New York is different. Have you looked into the qualifications at local hospitals in your area? Generally to be a PCT you have to be a nursing student, at least that is how it was in Ohio. They expected us to have knowledge on patient care from nursing school, from a PCT standpoint, that is. I remember my orientation being 1 day, and that was just to go over policies/procedures and how to use the Accucheck machine.