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I, out of necessity, will have to pay out-of-pocket for school. Because of this, I am looking at applying to ADN programs. Fortunately, they're pretty inexpensive here in TX. Now until I leave my current job in January for school I will set aside my quarterly bonuses for school. They should pay for at least 3 of 4 semesters.

I'm just worried about paying for everything and the only thing I need to focus on is getting in, staying in and finishing. Is it true that some hospitals hire nursing students as "techs" that perform duties somewhere between CNA and LVN? If so, how much schooling must be complete prior to even applying?

I understand that I'm not in school yet. But I believe that getting this ironed out beforehand is important. I do not like waiting until the last minute to get finances sorted out.

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Sounds like you have already done a lot of the 'legwork' - investigating your options. Do you know for certain that you are NOT eligible for a Pell Grant? I urge you to go ahead and complete your FAFSA - to determine your eligibility.

The patient care tech jobs are real. PCT jobs are designed for nursing students who have completed at least one clinical semester. Not all hospitals have them. I don't know what part of the state you're in... so your mileage may vary on the following information. Many Tx metro area hospitals have already moved into the 'BSN only' for new grad jobs. If so, it is most likely that those patient care tech jobs are reserved for BSN students.

Good luck on your nursing education journey.


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I'm in Jersey Village, HouTx. I do not have any eligibility for aid. Trust me on that one. Long story.