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Just a quick is everyone paying for grad school? The prices I am seeing for these schools are outrageous!!! I am planning on going to school out of state so there is no way the hospital I work for now is gonna pay for my tuition because I wouldn't be working for them anymore, LOL. I still have 20-something thousand to pay in undergrad loans, so I would like to avoid loans if at all possible.

Talk to the school about scholarships. Also, if you have. High GPA/GRE score, they will usually give a stipend. I'm planning on going to Baylor's DNP-Nursre Midewife program. Most of my professors went there and they told me there is a stipend. The higher your GPA, the better the stipend. Unfortunately there are not a lot of programs that offer assistance with grad school. If you don't want more loans, you may just have to save up.

Good luck!

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Thank you! Good luck to you too!

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You can also apply to the National Health Service Corp Scholar program. If accepted, they will pay for your tuition, but then you owe them 2-4 years of service in an underserved area.

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