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I am a nurse manager of a 20 bed mixed icu with 50 fte. I t is in a major NYC hospital small but busy no invasive procedures done here ( open heart or cardiac cath). I was a staff nurse in the same unit for 10 yrs i am now the manager for 1 yr. I wouold like to here the salaries others are making thanks

Hi. I would be interested in hearing what the salaries are too. And would some annonymous managers please post as to if you're receiving bonus for staffing the units as short as possible? Thanks.

as a float rn who was pulled to icu in times of short staffing i made $21.25/hr without benefits. Permanant members of icu were making $16.78/hr plus benefits.

The general disscussion area had a whole list of replies from across the world on salaries/pay scale. Each area is different, each specialty was different. NYC had many responses. I think the post was What do you make an hour? To answer the question about managment bonus programs - several hospitals I have worked at give a yearly bonus percentage if you stay under budget. Then they give you about a $2-3,000 bonus and cut your budget for the next year. Not exactly win-win. For my area staff IS the greatest expense. I can recoup supplies and meds. I can't believe that any manager saves their budget by cutting staff...but I have worked where they cut supplies so thin that we ran out of alcohol wipes and IV tubing!!!! Per diems are the cheapest employees because they don't get benefits, travelers are the most expensive because you have to pay big fees to the travel companies. I try to keep a good solid team core staff and fill in with per diems for sick call and vacations and days off. I strongly believe that EVERYONE should have at least two weeks vacation a year! If I have to work as staff to accomplish that goal, I do...even night shift (ugh) :D

I am working at a midmichigan hospital as a nurse manager. I make $30.49 and hour. However, there are alot of days that I put in 12 + hours. I would be interested in anyone in this area who would tell me what they are making, how many units they are responsible for, how many FTE's they have, along with how many people? How much PTO or other benefits? PPL and dka wanted to know what salaries are but they did not include theres. :eek:

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