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Pay rate for per diem position too low?

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I had an interview for a per diem position at a small 60 bed nursing and rehab center. I was kind of shocked when they told me the pay rate was only 27 an hr. 3 dollars more per hour on the weekend. I said the pay rate seems kind of low, and the HR person stated they couldnt pay me more than someone who has worked there longer. They must be paying their nurses very little then. I have three years experience as an RN. I worked two years full time in a LTC and did some agency work in a psych hospital for a couple months. When I first started nursing I was getting paid 27/hr as a full time nurse on skilled floor and always heard per diems get low to mid 30's especially with experience. My sister recently graduated and got a per diem position at a LTC starting at 33/hr. I would go where she works, but they dont have any open positions. I really want a per diem position but feel it is not worth it if Im only gonna get 27. My goal was to work less and get paid more. I live in the New england area btw.

My CPR/BLS card expires this month.

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8-9 years ago I was making $44/hr for per diem in LTAC. Day shift... can’t remember what the night differential was.

It was extremely difficult work... at the time I didn’t even think $44/hr was worth it