Pay raises only determined by HR, not Management??!


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I recently spoke to my assistant unit manager about the possibility of a raise (still making the same wage the new-grads are currently being hired at), since I have been an RN for 4 years now and am considered one of the stronger/more experienced RN's on my shift, and there is no longer a hiring freeze at my facility. After "looking into it" for several seeks, I was informed that all wages including raises are only decided by HR, and that the Nurse Manager/supervisors have NO input on the, excuse me?!

So apparently some person in a suit in another building entirely who has no idea who I am gets to decide whether or not I deserve a raise, vs the management who actually sees the work I do...does anyone else have this "policy"? No one else has gotten a raise either, but I am definitely thinking management is just passing the buck here, and I'm doubting HR has any input on the managers annual bonuses! :mad:

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That's pretty typical. Compensation policies are often decided on an "organizational level" and not on a case-by-case basis. I have never worked for a hospital with "pay for performance" -- meaning that as long as my performance is satisfactory, I will make the same as every other nurse on my step of the ladder whose performance is satisfactory.

The advantage of that system for the employer is that they avoid charges of favoritims and/or discrimination in determinining wages -- and staff have no incentive for sabataging each other's performance and/or performance reviews.

Like anything else, that system has its advantages and disadvantages.


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Thanks llg, reading your post has put the issue into perspective and I can now see the advantages to this system. I just wish HR would be more transparent on what their pay scale "ladder" is, and where I am on it...would be nice to know at what point I should see a bump in pay for the number of years I've been an RN! :cautious:

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You are not a union hospital, I am assuming.

Usually, it is a matter of everyone getting a xyz % raise, or no one. And it is not usually tied to the lack of a hiring freeze.

With all that being said, it could be worth it to ask for a raise through HR. The worst they could say is "no". If you get differentials, a bit more an hour being certified, or a bit more an hour if you are a BSN, then there has to be some sort of wage policy in place with HR.

It doesn't hurt to ask, and maybe now is the time to get together some like minded people and think about a union.