Pax-RN Test(nurse Entrance Exam)

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


Well 2 weeks before the Test, and I'm finally doing better on my Pre-tests from the Pax Study book and discs(KEEP IN MIND, I'VE BEEN STUDYING FOR WEEKS!) ... :eek:

I'm upset at myself and just don't know why I was having such a hard time understanding and doing well on the pretests... Now I'm wondering if my nerves on test day will get the best of me :( I'm trying to breath... and trying to put in my head that IF I don't do as well as I should on the test, that it will be okay, and I will have one more chance to improve... but just the thought of it makes me sick... What are some things you do to prepare yourselves before a test? What are things you do to calm your nerves? I just breath...and then get dizzy from breathing too deep too much hahaa....

-Nervous wreck (test on June 29th.)

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