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PAX Entrance Exam - Miami Dade College


Hey all, have anyone taken the new PAX Exam?

I started studying this week and I'm planning on taking on the last week of april so I can apply before May 1st. I'm currently taking Microbiology, it is my last pre-requisite.

Good luck to all.

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hey no i havent taken it yet - however i am also studying for it and plan on taking it the 28th.

Hey, I'm also planning on taking on April 28th! I've been checking everyday but this date is not open yet. Good luck.

What's your GPA? and have you started studying already?

hey ,

my cummulative GPA is 3.66 & my science GPA is 3.78 ..

i recently started studying - ive read many places that physics has been a shock - because it would probably the least you would expect to see in the science portion. Last time i took physics was over 7 yrs ago - so im focusing mainly on that & science overall. I've always been good in math so i'm not concerned about this part so i will review it last just to refresh my memory. As far as the verbal/ reading comprehension - focusing on the prefixes/suffixes is my goal.How about you? what is your GPA & did you start studying for it yet?

That's good! you should be fine then. Yeah I took physics long time ago but I don't know about you but to me for all the material everything looks very simple, don't get me wrong some questions I'm like what???? but overall the material doesn't seem that bad. I kind started studying but I will really study next week, got a week vacation from work so I can focus only in this exam. My science GPA so far is 4.0 but I'm taking micro now and waiting for an A :). I'm so nervous regarding the PAX exam though. I just want to get it done asap.

Have you heard anything from anyone that has taken it already?


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hi jucris88, how was the test? I hope you did great. I am planning to take the NLN on August before Sept 1st to apply to MDC medical campus. just wondering about the physics part that everyone is so concerned about. If you could please shed some light about it, i will really appreciate it.