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My mouth dropped when I read your NM comment re: neglect - I don't think I would have reacted as tactfully as you. As you are looking for your new job, I encourage you to document any and all sticky situations you find yourself in to CYA because it sounds as if you are being thrown to the wolves. Nothing wrong with having a detailed account as a reference when accusations are flying... Just my 2 cents. Best wishes to you! I look forward to hearing about your new job... :)


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What a great idea loving hands has. That way even though the events are not fresh in my mind, I can have a detailed account at my fingertips should (shudder) I need it for a deposition or (shudder)other come up.

Isnt it funny how we can absolutly work ourselves till we can barely drag our sorry behinds back to our vehicle at the end of the shift and never get a bit of thanks. well except from our poor patients and many of them are quite good about thanking me, I really like taking good care of my patients which is why this floor has me so upset. But the end result is that we are on our own. I wish I had a better way of being more assertive when i am at work and i am so busy staying on top of what has been assigned to me...........then here come the admits...Do any of you have any ideas?

and by the way i have applications out EVERYWHERE

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