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Patient ratios in VA hospitals

by cvruth cvruth (New) New

Hi all!

Interested in VA nursing. Wondering what your nurse/patient ratios are for med-surg in Veteran’s Affairs hospitals?


Depends on facility and department I’m on medsurg and we are anywhere from 2 -5 each one time I had six for about 3 hours but all are low acuity. We also have a med nurse sometimes as well. Right now since the VA is union some days we have more staff than patients ( so no low census or on call) Example today we had 12 patients 7 RNs 4 LVNs and and 1 CNA but in all fairness 1 RN was on orientation. Usually we would have 3 or 4 RNs and 3 LVNs or CNAs. Now our nursing homes it’s different but is usually about double what other nursing homes here have. You would love the VA