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Anyone ever worry that posting on the board about your night or an issue you may need help with may be misconstrued as a breech in pt. confidentiality? I'm kinda new here, and not sure of the politics here, but as far as I can tell all of you are very supportive. Maybe I am too worrisome, maybe not. I am NOT, however, trying to open the proverbial "can of worms." Makes me wonder if Ishould reregister with a nickname though...


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Ooops! Told you I was new... now if I had only posted in gen. nsg. discussion.... (sigh)

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No one knows it's your real name unless you tell them, and I think that so long as you don't tell the patient's name you would be OK. NYC is a big place.


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LOL! I am actually not in the city, more like the mountains. Maybe I should ammend it to say NYS? And what you say is true! Do I worry too often? Maybe sometimes...:rolleyes:

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