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:rolleyes: hi! does anyone have a really good, easy, checklist-type of patient planning sheet they can share with me? i need to keep myself organized and on-track with my rehab patients (and their rehab schedules, not to mention all of their nursing cares)!:D

thanks so much!!!!!!!

sincerely, brand new rehab nurse!

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I am also a new rehab nurse, so if you could send me a copy of the pt planning sheet that would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm also "rejoining" Rehab nursing. I would also be very interested in a cheat sheet.

Thanks so much


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I print out a copy of my assignment sketch out my plan. The sheet pre-prints name, room, physician, diagnosis, and I add diet details, how pt transfers,

A (assessment if needed)

F (reminder to do a fall assessment if they don't get a full assessment)

CP (care plan)

FIM (for those needing a fim)


CARES (for those not needing a bath)

BATH (for those who do need a bath)

ADMIT or DISCHARGE (so I don't forget the steps - complete the admit screen, FHA, education or resolve the care plan and education)

Then I fold the sheet in half and on the other side, I have space for med times that can be crossed off, I/O details, dressing changes, treatments, tests, and to add other details I need to report off on.

I'm sure I have other details I jot down out of habit that I can't think of, but I hope that helps out a little bit.

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