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My facility has been selected to be a prototype for patient centered care. A new concept in LTC. Instead of wings or units there will be small 12 or so residents per "neighborhood" Each neighborhood will have it's own kitchenette, laundry, no nurses station no med cart instead locked medicine cabnits in rooms. Residents will decide when to get up when to go to bed etc.. They may even get to have animals decide on med times and all kinds of stuff. We are not the first to do it but there arent many.

Anyone ever heard of this or had experience with it? How did it work? Was it successful? Anyone no anything about this type of setting?

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Never heard of it before, but it sounds kinda cool. I hope each nurse just get's one neighborhood!:chuckle



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We were hoping that too and that is the ideal that was presented to us. However none of us was born yesterday and we all know corp. is never going to shell out the bucks for that kind of staffing. I think it is awesome in theory I just can't see the big wigs shelling out the dough necessary for it to be truly doable. I hope so but am sceptical. We are also told there are other LTC's that are doing this Just hoping to find someone who works in one or knows someone who does.



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I have heard of it in my area. The one facility didn't work out well, from what I hear from their ex-staffers. I have seen in work in an assisted living dementia environment, though.

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