Work at two hospitals??

  1. I've heard of RNs being able to work two jobs at multiple facilities. I am a nursing student and I have a part time patient transport job at one large hospital. They say that we are allowed to have second jobs but are vague about their policy. If I tried to work at another large hospital at the same time as a PRN Patient Care Tech in Labor & Delivery (job description says clerical functions) would either hospital have a problem with me working both jobs simultaneously?
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  3. by   Miiki
    They should not. As long as you are able to fulfill your obligations at both.

    I can tell you that being in school and working two part time jobs can be draining even when both jobs are PRN. Two different scheduling systems, and different shift times made it draining to avoid conflicts. I'm looking forward to only having to schedule around school instead of another job as well. You have think of school as a job, so it's already like you have two jobs.