Will soon be placed at a nursing home, first time, PCT grad. Scared, advice?!

  1. Hello! I remember that a few months back I joined the website and I explained my situation, I have turned 21, I had to stop going to college because of how expensive it was, and not only that but I am not allowed to transfer to a community college until I pay off all that I owe. This had me very depressed, at home, no work, with my parents, hoping to find a school I could continue studying in, but nothing. I live in New York City, I found out about ABC training center, which I had always passed by since I live nearby but I just hadn't looked into it. Long story short, I was thinking of taking the Phlebotomy/ekg course, and ended up doing CNA/EKG/Phlebotomy = PCT. I want to work meanwhile, and just start off somewhere.... I have not taken my exam for certification, I was told at school that I am going to be placed at the nursing home for 4 days, and I am very scared to be honest, all I was taught in class was the basics, the lectures, the handouts etc. No actual hands on experience. I am guessing this is what they are placing me at the nursing home for, to train me. Nonetheless, I'm afraid of not knowing what to expect. I've heard horror stories, Lol and I guess that's the problem, I have heard too much of what others have faced that I am afraid of having the same or worst luck. I'm not saying I don't want this, I do, I need the start and the ability to feel a little more independent when it comes to taking care of myself. I sure am glad my parents were willing to help me out all this time. Now it's my turn. I'd love a little push, some encouragement or beginner's experience would be nice.
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  3. by   Miiki
    You didn't get to practice anything in a lab first? Will you have an instructor at the nursing home with you to guide you? You only spend four days in clinical? This program sounds lacking to me.
  4. by   CarlyBelle
    I feel the same way about it at times, I will have a word with my CNA course instructor when I see her next week, I do need this cleared up. All I have done is assume that I will have someone with me at the nursing home to guide and instruct me, but that's just assumptions, the only courses I got actual practice was phlebotomy and EKG (different instructor), these were my last two courses, we would bring in volunteers, and practice on one another.
  5. by   CarlyBelle
    Well, guess I'll update this once I see what's up.
  6. by   Miiki
    I hope everything turns out ok for you.
  7. by   CarlyBelle

    Today I received the dates I will be going into the nursing home, I will be there to shadow the other CNA's and be allowed to do the clinical skills (moving, bathing, feeding, cleaning etc.) with the help of the those I'll be shadowing. So that part is cleared up for me... After the 4 days, I will receive my diploma from ABC Training Center showing proof of completion of the program, my dates are the 28th of Feb. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, of March. Meanwhile at home I'm going over my notes, practicing with online quizzes here and there so that when I'm ready I can go in and sign up for the PCT certification exam.

    Just wanted to add this on here in case anyone is interested or has ever wondered on this school and the way they go about it.

    Thank you Miiki for your answers always!

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