Why PCT?

  1. Hello Nurses and future nurses.

    I live in Tampa FL and am going to a vocational (7 month) program for PCT and was wondering what are the typical wages for a PCT. Does anyone have exprience in PCT work or know someone? I want to know baisically their duties and where is the most pay(Ex. hospitals doctors office ect.) I am raising two kids and need to know if i chose the right job as far as money wise i can work extended hours. Also i ask what are the duties because lots of people say PCT wipe butt only but im pretty sure everyone do right????? Can PCT work in with baby's in the hospital?????? whats the diffference between PCT LPN MA CNA we all do the samething.

    sorry for typos very very tired

    I know i ask alot but i tried google and it went all over the place so i was hoping to get some help fom here

    *NOT ALL ANSWERS NEEDED but it would help =)
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  3. by   Zalan
    LPN`s are nurses they go to school from 12 months to 18 months. LPN`s have a license and require malpractice insurance and can pass meds. Medical Assistants typical go to school for 6 months to two years. MA's mainly work in doctors office, and some my work in hospitals. In my opion MA is a big waste of money. CNA's are certified nurses aid and can work in hospitals an long term care facilities( they do grunt work). PCT are similliar to CNA's but are limited to hospitals. PCT scope of practice is decide by the hospital.

    In 2009 I made $9/hr as a PCA/PCT. It required no schooling, outside of a 2 week course by the hospital. Then there was a 6 week preceptor program.