telling manager you want to take off?

  1. I work per diem as a PCT. I just worked this weekend. I asked my manager when she needed me again (she requested me today via txt) she texted me after I asked when she needed me to give her dates. well I said I'm off from school fridays to sundays. She sent me a text back saying she put me on this friday to sunday. I'm in college and have an exam monday.(first of the semester).

    Will it look awful for me to say back "I'm sorry I should have said I didn't want to work 3 days, just 2 in a row" or something like that? How would you word it please? Or should I just stay in good grace and not make a peep and hope the exams easy? TIA.

    p.s. I have classes and clinical on Mondays to Thursdays. And I don't know HOW you do it, those of you who do, to work a 12+ hour shift then go home and study or have kids/family AND get up the next day for another 12 hour. I'll get home at 8pm and I feed my dogs, eat dinner, then go to bed!!!
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  3. by   lindseylpn
    Maybe text something like: I'm sorry I was mistaken, I'm only available for the Friday and Saturday shifts, my apologies. Maybe offer to work half the Sunday shift? Or do this weekend and then in the future only say you're available for 2 days? Good luck with school!
  4. by   direw0lf
    Thanks very much Lindseylpn! Good idea to offer to work half.