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I'm a CNA in a subacute rehab unit that's attached to a LTC facility, I've been there for about 6 months. I'm trying to get to a hospital as PCT to broaden my scope and also because I'd like to work... Read More

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    Quote from doink
    You need more experience. Employers especially hospitals don't like to hire anyone that barely stay at on job for 6 months. It cost $$ to train and orient a new person. Need at least 1 yr at your workplace before job hunting.

    My resume?

    5 yrs as medic in military, 2 yrs as ER tech.

    Hospitals love people with job stability.
    This is true. However, I think it also has a lot to do with the ecomomy and the plethora of job applicants who probably have more experience.

    I searched for a few months for a PCT position within the hospital I work for, in addition to those in the area I live. I went on a couple of interviews and have been with my organization for almost 5 years. I am a CNA trying to gain experience (my employer paid for the course). A departmental transfer should be fairly easy, right? Not so much....
    My current 5+ years experience with direct pt. contact and service, a BA in another field was not enough, plus a stellar recommendation from my current manager. I was told by HR, "I interviewed very well. Unfortunately, I wasn't a good fit for that department." I only can chuck those experiences up to specialty departments looking for more experience and they have plenty of applicants to choose from. So, as I start nursing school my focus will be on externships. Stinks, because I really hoped to gain that foot in the door as a PCT and grow with the department.

    Anyway, enough rambling . Keep working and searching. If you are planning to attend nursing school, clinical experience on top of your LTC exp., must be helpful down the line. Patience is the key to accept over frustration or urgency (took me awhile to grasp that one). Gluck!
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    Quote from lillymom

    where did you take a phlebotomy class for 2 days at? i would like to take a refresher but i can't find a class that isn't 4-5 months long. thanks
    at austin community college. they have a two day crash course in phlebotomy designed for techs who need to draw labs. it covered basic anatomy, types of labs, colors/meanings of tubes, documenting etc. also, in order to pass the class you must have at least two or three successful sticks on your classmates. and yes, everyone has to get their blood drawn. :d

    it's the very same class that my hospital puts new techs through. i just took it on my own to stand out to employers.
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    Thanks for the response. I have done phlebotomy with my medical assisting program but haven't practiced it in about four years so I am rusty. I think I will call the hospital and see if they have anything like that around here.