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  1. So I just got my first official job as a PCA in the biggest hospital in my area on the SICU/Neuro ICU. I am nervous as I could possibly be! I start orientation on the 18th then I will be out on the floor. I was a patient sitter from 16-18 then I worked some private home health from 18-19 (3 years ago) until I moved. I'm in nursing school right now and I really feel like this is going to help me out! The thing is I am so worried about my new work environment! I see all the time how people are saying that being the newbie is hard and their coworkers are just down right nasty to them! I really don't want that and am hoping they warm up to me fast. I'm really nice, willing to help, willing to do what I'm told, but what I am not willing to do is be put down or made to feel lesser than. The NM that I interviewed with told me her night nurses/PCA's are more experienced and take a "little getting used to". Also, since I will be working 7p-7a I'm wondering how the heck to eat healthy and not sleep constantly during the day when I'm not in classes! I could just use a little encouragement and some advice. Thanks guy!
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  3. by   SleeepyRN
    First of all, congratulations on the job! You are at a great start with building your resume once you graduate. I was a sitter, then a PCT too. During your orientation, I would take in all good advice, and leave the rest QUIETLY, no arguing. Give a thank you card to your preceptors. Once you start, you will have your patients, the others will have theirs. So there's not much time for socializing. When you walk onto the unit, make a good impression by letting everyone know you are there to help as much as possible. For example when I came on the unit (there was a back part with 1 tech and a front part with 1 tech) I said to the other tech "grab me if you need assistance with lifting a pt up in bed, or repositioning a 2x assist patient." Stay away from gossip by not chiming in. Be reliable and exactly at 7 be ready to receive report. I used to get on the unit, see what pt assignment I had, from the nursing station I could see in all the rooms and get a glimpse of what's going on. Then I'd wait til I could swipe in and be immediately ready for report. Make sure you get a quality report. Don't be intimidated by someone trying to rush it so they can go home. Introduce yourself to your nurse. Get report from him/her, ask if there are any patients that they need v/s first on, and tell them "grab me if you need anything." I have no advice on the sleep thing, sorry :/ Again, congrats! Be reliable, dependable, don't burn bridges, don't gossip or badmouth anybody and you are on a great path to a great nursing start. Find a mentor as a nurse that you can occasionally ask questions, and you just might end up with a great reference for when you graduate
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    Thank you! I feel so stupid for being worried about it now because everyone is GREAT! I love it! My trainer is wonderful and has been there for 15+ years so she really knows what is going on!