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  1. So Feb 6 i had an interview for a pct job on a med/surg floor and i can admit i was a little scared because they told me that pcts have 10 to 12 pts on med/surg floor but im also still a little throwed off because i had 2 interviews one with the nurse recruiter which after she interviewed me she gave me this paper and a benefits packet and then i had to get interviewed by the clinical director and another nurse on that floor and they told me they had an interview that morning and another interview today and i should be hearing something back either a call or an email so does that mean i will get the job i dont no and can someone tell me who works on the med/surg floor how do u like it and what do u do as a pct.
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  3. by   Jayblade0
    Hey I work on the CardioThoracic surgery step-down unit at NYU Hospital. I love my job. gurgical units can be very intense from time to time. The PCT/ patient ratio varies depending on the census. I usually get between 7 to 10 patients. I guess it all depends on the hospitals. When super-storm Sandy stroke NY, My hospital was closed for about a month. During that time, we were being stationed at Lenox Hill Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center. During my time at Lenox Hill, I used to get anywhere from 10-17 patients. your biggest concern should be securing the job. As a PCT, we collect blood, we do EKG, check blood sugar, vital signs, patient care (assisting with bathing). Don't limit yourself to these tasks; once you get the job, be proactive, curious, eager to learn more than just how to spot a vein and collect blood specimen. I shadow the nurses at my unit whenever I can. Performing the same tasks everyday can be boredom.
  4. by   mrsdowling225
    This is probably late, but it all depends. I worked on Medsurg for about 9 months and I just didn't like how it felt like I was working at a nursing home. It was horrible. A lot of lifting and turning patients, however on the flip side I did learn a lot from those nurses. They receive all types of patients so you get to see all things.
  5. by   funtimes
    10 to 12 patients sounds like a typical number for med/surg. Ive had as many as 20. Patients on med/surg can vary a lot on how much care they require. Ive had as little as 6 patients and ran my butt off all shift, and had 12 patients and had any easy shift, it all depends on the patients and the nurses you work with.

    Like the previous person said, Med/surg can be a lot of work though. It combines the back breaking work of a nursing home, with lots of lifting and turning and confused incontinent elderly patients, with the added stress of being acute care and having to make sure all your i's are dotted and t's are crossed. Id still take it over a nursing home any day though because you can learn a LOT. You see just about every type of illness out there, at least at the hospital I worked at. You probably see less variety on med/surg at the bigger hospitals.
  6. by   kenyapatricia
    I work on the medical/surgical unit. Deff. challenging but worth it. I've had as many as 16 patients. You learn to how to handle it with experience and time. The interview process is challenging and weird. I was told there was more interviews the same day as well. i still got the job. If you have a weak stomach it is not the place for you though. Hope you get the job.
  7. by   tbuntin24
    Can I ask where you are? This sounds VERY similar to what I just went thru for surgical floor PCT. I had an interview with HR and she gave me a benefit package also, I talked to the unit director that day. Then I waited a week and half, left messages and it took forever for her to get back to me. The hospital is in the middle of corporate change. I was getting so worried, then I had a interview with the unit nurses and waited another week for references.. I will just say be patient! Hospitals do take a while. I was hired as of Friday but like I said give it time and just leave nice messages that you just want to touch base and see where u stand.. hang in there!! Hope u get the job! good luck!!
  8. by   tbuntin24
    I have always wanted to work surgical.. I have a friend that also works at the same hospital he said it's hard. I'm up for the challenge and learning! I'm sure there are a lot of vitals, checks, call lights and incontinence changes and cath stuff..
  9. by   FutureRNGreen
    Trident hospital in charleston sc needless to say I didn't get the job I ended up getting a job at a family practice doing medical assisting work
  10. by   shortlilgirl02
    Quote from tbuntin24
    I have always wanted to work surgical.. I have a friend that also works at the same hospital he said it's hard. I'm up for the challenge and learning! I'm sure there are a lot of vitals, checks, call lights and incontinence changes and cath stuff..
    The main thing that sets surgical apart from medical, at least in my experience, is all the drains. In one hospital, I worked on an 18 bed surgical unit and normally at least half the patients had two or more drains - chest tubes, JPs, HVs, foleys, NGs, and others. Sometimes the patients are I/O q4, if the surgery was in the last 24h the patient had q4 vs, and there was only one aide on the floor. We were responsible for documenting all of the I/O, blood sugars, and vs for everyone on the floor as well. It requires good time management skills to work as an aide on surgical.
  11. by   kpollard55
    Omg im dying I got a job as a pci on med surg unti now im scared of going in.....I worked as a CNA 4 2 yrs n Im tried of all da wrk I have 2 do.....I recently got my med tech license n got a full time job as well ( still 8n orientation) I love it u hardly do cna work some days while other days u jus pass meds no back breaking. do I go to hospital or keep my medtech job.....I have 2 choose
  12. by   misslady1989
    Hey, did u get the job, I know im super late. I had a test for pca, now tomorrow the interview, how is it? the interview??
  13. by   FutureRNGreen
    No I didnt

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