Hiring Probability for Student nurse CPs at UCLA

  1. Hi Everyone! I am in my last semester of a bsn program and currently working part time as an ACCP for UCLA RR. I originally took the position because it is my dream to be hired there as a full time RN and I thought starting now would help get my foot in the door. But I have heard rumors that the don't hire many of their internal CCPs into the new grad rn program. Anyone have additional info please weigh in. Thanks.๐Ÿ˜Š
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  3. by   kk80
    Please share your experience in applying. I was recently hired as an ACCP as well, with the hope that it will also help in being hired on there as a new grad.

    During orientation, I heard quite a few people mention that several ACCP's were subsequently hired on as new grads. However, during the new hire paperwork session, I did meet a new grad RN who was hired after doing the UCLA summer externship.
  4. by   shego85
    Hi kk80,

    When you are hired on you are hired into the float pool. This means that you are sent wherever there is need in the hospital and it literally could be a different unit every time you go. This does provide you with a broad view of many different units which is a good thing but you don't really get a chance to develop a rapport with any of the units especially if you are still a student. Also if you have a unit that you want to specialize you may get sent there often or not at all depending on hospital need.

    It has not been my experience that ACCP are preferred when it comes to new grad hiring. Usually it is people who have done several rotations or precepted there. For that reason I believe the summer externship would be a better move. If you are assigned to a unit and do a great job they practically hand pick you to come work there when you graduate. Good Luck!
  5. by   kk80
    Thank you for the insight!
    Unfortunately, my school does not have clinical rotations at UCLA so that is not a feasible option for networking at this time.

    I'll definitely look into the summer externship for next year.

    Either way, I'm happy for the experience...even more so since it is paid. Here's to hoping we are one of the lucky ACCP's that end up getting hired on as new grads!
  6. by   shego85
    You are welcome! And yes it still is a great opportunity! You can make the most of it and the money is probably the most you can make without being an RN yet! It will expose you to a lot. They do tend to use us as sitters most often but not always. Any other questions just ask.

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