Caregiver Training?!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a pre-nursing student and I've just gotten a job in the field. I was hired as a caregiver in an assisted living facility. I'm wondering if it's normal for them to only have me train/shadow one morning shift and one evening shift before I'm on my own?

    I'm very anxious about this and I was very upfront about my experience. This is my first job in this field and I have no experience. I'm unsure if I'm ready to be by myself. I work for a company that goes in to assisted living and helps clients there. I would have no one from my company even on site. I would be the only caregiver working.

    I asked the lady I shadowed with last time if this was her experience also, and she said yes. That she asked for more time to train and she was told she could shadow more, but it would not be paid.

    I sent an email to my boss asking for more training hours before I'm on my own.

    What are your thoughts on this?
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  3. by   Murphjen
    For me, I had 3 days of training, then I was on my own. New to the field as well. And tons of anxiety.
    Just be honest with whomever hired you If you don't feel completely ready.
  4. by   verene
    I had 3 shifts where I was in training and was then on my own when I started at an ALF as a completely inexperienced new CNA. If you have support (e.g. people to ask when you have questions) this kind of job can be done successfully even with the minimal training. The first couple of months will likely be rough with a steep learning curve but one day things will just start to "click" and the job with become much less stressful.
  5. by   RNNPICU
    What skills and tasks are you required to do as a Caregiver? What are the tasks that you are not comfortable? Do you have a checklist of things you need to learn, if so, what feedback has your trainer given you? I had six shifts of training for work as a CNA, so depending on your job description two shifts may be sufficient, depending on what you are doing..