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  1. Me again! LOL

    Well as I said previously, I'll be doing my in ternship at a nursing home starting the 28th of this month, a little nervous about everything but I know I'll be fine. Meanwhile I have been studying my books at home - CNA-Phlebotomy-EKG. I also bought an online review "course" on the NHA website, so that I can be as ready as possible to take my PCT certification exam without further waiting once I'm done with the internship. That has been very helpful since I can go over anything I may have forgotten about from class in my own time at home.

    But I was just wondering, once in the field, working as a PCT, how much knowledge on diseases, medical term/vocabulary, are you exposed to and expected to know about?

    I know the basics according to what I was taught in class; Bathing, feeding, positioning, blood drawing, when to stop blood drawing if an adverse reaction is shown in patient, what to do if patient shows signs of syncope, what and how to react if patient has seizure, skin problems, etc.

    I know that as a PCT you're doing basic care and a little more, but going over my books I see a lot of medical terms that I have yet not been able to memorize one by one. (Names of diseases, syndromes, etc.) Am I worrying too much? Are these things I'll learn about as I go on?

    Thank you to anyone who can answer me in advance!
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  3. by   erikarose
    You will be fine! I've been a pca at a big hospital for almost a year now. Medical terminology is really nothing to worry about. As long as you know the basics like achs, npo, diets, prn, and so on you will be fine. Yes, you will just be doing the basics so no need to worry about meds or diseases or anything. It is helpful to have background knowledge about what your patients have and specfic ways to give them the best care, most of this inofrmation will be given to you in report. Also, being in a nursing home you really wont have to deal with major diseases, wounds, disorders and so on....mostly basic care. You will be able to get to know your patient and know how they like to get things done.
  4. by   blackvans1234
    You'll learn all the lingo!
    give it time
  5. by   CarlyBelle
    Thank you so much ErikaRose & BlackVans!