Patient Care Technician in a dialysis clinical (Davita or Fresenius)


Have anyone ever work in a dialysis clinical (Davita or Fresenius) as a pct. If so did you like it, what was your experience while working there? Also do they provide training for CNA's?


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I worked for fresinius for 5 years as a PCT. I loved my job they were great. They put you through a 12 week training period. There is no need for you to have a CNA. They also have tuition reinbursement. They paid for me to go back to school and get my LPN and now are paying for my RN. The one thing i would advise you is if you work 1st shift it can start as early as 4 am.


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Thanks for this thread; I was recently informed about Frensenius' Dialysis Tech training and am looking into their program.


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Hello, I'm currently working as a hemodialysis technician and has been for 6 years. I love my job!!, and also a nursing student in a Rn program. I work at a hospital base unit in NJ and it's different from free standing unit eg. Davita or Fresenius. Starting April 2010 all PCT have to be BONET certified. So after you complete your training you have to take a state test in order to work.


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Can I work as a PCT if I have no medical experience? I have been trying to get a job in the hospital for the longest.


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I was trying to get a job there. But the one i applied for said you had to have to have training. But when i called the company to find out where i could go for training. They didn't even know.


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I heard that they actually send you away for training; is that so?


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How much do they pay for PCT at Fresenius Illinois area?

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