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patient care tech in mother/baby?


I'm currently working on pre-reqs and will start nursing classes in Fall 2007. I can't wait.

I have been considering quitting my retail job and trying to get a job related to health care. My friend had her first baby today and we visited her after she moved to the mother/baby floor. I noticed there were patient care techs working on her floor, and I started wondering about the position. I know that once I'm an RN, I will want to work in women's health, so the idea of being able to do so in the meantime is exciting.

Does anyone know what the responsibilities of a mother/baby patient care tech usually are? I really don't know anything about it. Would this experience be valuable to me during nursing school? Is it worth paying for and going through CNA training to apply for this position, and is it difficult to actually get this job?


Hi! I have experience as a PCT in the ER and they liked us to have one year of schooling under our belts before working as a PCT. Everyone on any floors that I've spoken to loves nursing students as techs. And some places will train you, so I've heard.

The duties of a PCT are generally vitals, helping w/ ambulation, linens and bed baths if indicated or helping the patient with them, and depending on your agency bg's. Plus helping the nurses of course.

I think that it is really worth it to get a job as a tech in any discipline. My three months in the ED really really helped clarify what it is that nurses do. And you are right that probably mother/baby nursing is competitive but you won't know til you call! WHy not call the nurse recruiter there and talk to her?

Mother/baby is a great place to work; I am starting as a post partum nurse on June 5, four days after I graduate! :)

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I don't know about the hospital you're thinking about working at, but at the one I work at they do not post tech positions for the Mother/Baby outside the hospital. They hire only current employees for these positions (who have been there for at least 1 year), and I tell you there are rarely ever any positions at my hospital. From what I understand from a co-worker who went to this department, it is really easy compared to where I am at and she was (Ortho/Neuro). I do wish you good luck in whatever you choose. If you are truly trying to get experience for Nursing School, Mother/Baby probabally wouldn't be the best place. You would probably benefit more from some sort of Med/Surg unit, in my opinion. Mother/Baby would prepare you for OB, but probably not much for the rest of the rotations.

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