Patho and Pharm together online?


I know it all depends on the student but I just wanted to hear what everyone thinks about taking both Patho and Pharm together in the same semester?

Here is my situation. I am finishing up Micro and A&P II this fall semester (almost done yeah!). I am pulling an A in both right now. And in A&P I , I made a B in lecutre and an A in lab. I am applying in March for the Fall 2009 ADN class. Our grades for next spring do count towards our consideration. Patho and Pharm are not required, but I wanted to take them anyway since I don't have anything else that I need to take.

So, should I take them both in the spring and then have the summer off before nursing school starts in August. Or should I take Patho in the spring and take Pharm in the summer? Both of the classes are only offered online at my school and there is no pre-req needed for Patho and the Pharm's pre-req is just A&P.

What do you think? I am thinking I will go for both and see what the syllabus looks like and on the first day if it looks like too much then I might drop Pharm. I was told to definitely take Patho first because it will help with Pharm.


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I am taking them both now (not online), along w/2 other classes. Keep up with the reading and studyinhg and you should do fine.


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My BSN program had us taking Patho and Pharm the first semester along with Fundamentals, Assessment, and another class I can't recall now. The Patho/Pharm combo was a nightmare for us. Half the Pahto was online/self taught and the Pharm was self taught because our instructor had other things to worry about then us. We were also the first class through a newly revamped program, so that was problamatic too. Those 2 in addition to the other classes was awful, I wouldn't repeat that semester for anything.

If you are good at keeping up and memorizing, and don't have much else on your table, then you should be ok. I needed my summers off otherwise I got burned out when the next real semester started.

If you can take Micro and A&P at the same time, you should be ok with Pharm and Patho at the same time.

If you do choose to take one at a time, do take the Patho first. Knowing what's wrong will help the meds to make more sense.

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