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Hey, maybe you all will think I am way too sensitive or queasy to be a nurse after you read what I have to say. So far I have loved taking care of patients, I am beginning my third out of four years but I am getting more and more upset right now reading this chapter in our patho book called, seemingly benignly, Altered Cellular and Tissue Biology. It is going through different types of gunshot wounds, stab wounds, strangulation, suicide, poisonings in great detail with graphic accompanying pictures. It is freaking me out, I can't deal with stuff like that! I am getting teary and queasy. I always knew I could never be an ER nurse, now I am getting it confirmed! Tell me, am I in the wrong major, should I switch to something like English? :o :o


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I actually thought that chapter was very interesting! So much better than acid/base balance and electrolytes!! I think I fell asleep 3 times just trying to read that chapter!

You know, there are many different aspects to nursing...and not all of them are gory. If you like nursing, and taking care of patients, don't quit are close to being finished!;)

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