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Hey all, looking for some quick advice from those who have been there/done that. I've taken A&P I and II over the past two semesters (and got A's in both) and I'm considering taking patho in a 1.5 month summer class (8 hours/week, on campus). I haven't taken chem or micro yet. Will this put me at a disadvantage? I only ask because most students I know take chem and micro before patho. The prereq is either A&P II or micro. If I'll be at a disadvantage, please elaborate! A's are super important, so I don't want to mess around and take classes out of sequence. In case anyone's wondering, I'm only considering taking it now because this class would fit perfectly into my schedule, and most patho classes around here seem to be online only (community college, and I really hate e-classes)...Please advise!

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i don't remember any micro or chem in my patho class so i don't think you would be at a disadvantage. maybe the chem would come in handy when you talk about electrolytes but maybe someone else can tell you for sure. i know that i would have liked to take patho nearer to a & p and not a year later once i was so far removed from it. they are very related especially when you talk about immunity. just a thought.

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