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Path to CRNA


I have been a nurse for 2.5 years. Medsurg in the past and currently on a trauma step-down/telemetry unit. I have always wanted to pursue OR nursing and have been trying to get into an internship since I graduated. Recently, I decided I want to go for my CRNA. With an interest in the OR becoming a CRNA is something I have always considered but now I'm am ready to make steps towards that goal. I am aware that ICU experience is necessary and I have an interview this week. The problem is that the OR has also reached out to me about participating in an internship. I know that the ICU will be the best and more direct path to gaining my CRNA but part of me feels like I can not pass up this opportunity that I have been trying to get for so long. I have started making a list of pros and cons. If anyone has any input or suggestions that would be great!

Oh and to throw something else into the mix, I am also in a contract with my current position that I will most likely have to break to get into the ICU.


+3 year minimum to CRNA

+Great opportunity to learn and gain experience

-MAY have to break contract *$3,350


+Does not break contract

+Will give me a better idea of working in an OR environment as a CRNA

+Will not give up OR as a job possibility

-5 year minimum to CRNA

-May be hard to get an ICU position after OR

-New 2 year contract


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