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Past DUI and obtaining licensure in Virginia as an RN

Hi, I have for some time been contemplating going to RN school and am seriously considering it again. However, I have a DUI conviction on my record which concerns me, as I do not want to go through all the work of nursing school only to be denied licensure in the end. Here are the facts of my situation: I received the misdemeanor DUI conviction in 2004 so it was over 10 years ago. By far the dumbest thing I have ever done and one of my biggest regrets! I have no offenses or convictions since, however when I was arrested I was over twice the legal limit. I have worked as a CNA in the past and currently work in healthcare in another capacity and know there are lots of professionals I work with that can attest to my character and work ethic. If anyone has had a DUI and applied for licensure in Virginia thereafter please do share your experience with me...did you have issues getting licensed and what did you have to do with regards to the process? I know only the Virginia nursing board can know for sure if I would get a license or not but just wanted to share some aspects of my situation and see if others could share their outcome-I think the length of time of my conviction may play in my favor but I'm concerned that my BAC level would be a negative.


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