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Past Criminal Conviction Reported and the BRN

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So I applied to the BRN on April 19th, received a letter in the mail from them yesterday dated for May 7, stating that I needed to submit all my supporting documents, letter of rec., character letters, etc.  However, I already uploaded all of this 4/19.  It states on the BRN website to upload as much as you can to speed up the process.... this is exactly what I did. I am confused about why they sent me a letter requesting this information when it is attached to my application.


My question is have any of you recently gone through reporting a prior conviction and uploaded all your docs to still receive this letter in the mail?  If so, what was the result?  I am currently on hold for an hour wait with the CA BRN to try to see what's going on.... It is Friday so overnighting my HARDCOPY docs would be pointless.. I already have a job lined up and need to take my NCLEX ASAP... this just seems like a huge waste of time.

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Daisy4RN has 20 years experience.

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Glad you are able to keep your sense of humor, LOL

Did you get anywhere with the phone call.

I cant answer your specific question but can tell you the Cal BON is known to be very slow and not always...well...on the ball.

Hope this all works out for you!!


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