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We have had several new nursing grads who have had to take their boards 2 or 3 times before they pass. (I am not trying to scare anyone!!) It seems to be an ongoing trend. The past 3 years it seems like almost all of the new grads have had to take their boards at least twice, if not three times. They have attended different universities, so I am not sure what the problem is. These grads have worked as Nurse Techs (under the direct supervision of an RN) until they take their boards the first time. I have had several of them with me, and they do fine for being new grads. Not sure why they are having trouble passing the boards. If they are poor test takers, or if the boards are that impossible to pass (in Indiana.). I am not proposing that the boards be made easier, but am wondering if the nursing grads are lacking something in their educations. One grad nurse who just took her boards for the second time (and did not pass) told me that she had at least fifty questions on disaster nursing. She said not questions such as triaging, or immediate treatment such as your basic ABC's, but questions like "which one of these patients would you discharge first?" I know a lot of this has come about because of 9-11, but fifty questions on the


Anyone else who works with nursing grads noticing any problems with them passing boards?

PS-Does anyone know if there is a link for nursing schools placed on probation? I am thinking about going back, but I sure don't want to get tangled in that mess...:rolleyes:


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i think it depends on the program ours has had a 100 5 first time pass rate for 5 of last 6 yrs. the program is always talioring what is taught to what the current types of questions are on the boards as well as teaching test taking stratergies

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