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Passed NET test.. full time job :(

Hussar Hussar (New) New

Hi all,

I passed the NET test this morning after taking it once before and I relieved to not have to take it again. I'm looking forward in starting my classes in January but i can't help but worry about doing nursing classes with a full time job. I already have a 4 year B.S. in criminal justice to my disappointment has left me extremely cynical. I enjoy helping people and am extremely interested in the body and obtaining the knowledge to help them with their problems. I transfered 18 credits from my previous university to the new school i will be attending however i'm still worried thats its going to take me 5+ years to finally reach my goal. :( Did anybody have a similar problem when they started school or am i the only one on this boat?



Congrats on passing your NET. That's great!! I have to take it in a few months. How was it?!

I will have to go to school f/t when accepted as that is how the programs run here. That will be tough with work, etc. but I am just going to take it day by day. It seems like you will be going p/t and I think you will be fine if that is the case. Try and take a challenging class by itself over the summer if you have that option. That might cut down on some of your stress. Stay calm. You can do it!!

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