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Passed NCLEX! What I did

by roo_4 roo_4 (New) New

On Friday I took the NCLEX and I found out today that I passed with around 148 questions. I decided since I came on here to see what others had done, I would do the same!

I bought the Kaplan and Hurst books. I thought the Kaplan one was very vague. It told you what you needed to know without telling you anything about those topics. I did do the practice quizzes at the end of each chapter and most of the practice test in the back of the book. I didn't have time to do the online one. For Hurst I read the pharm section and did some of the practice tests.

I also did the Hurst online review. I watched all of the lectures and did all of the practice tests. The sections that I was weak on in the practice tests are the sections that I did in the book I bought.

While taking the test I remember thinking that there was no way to study for it. They can ask you almost anything so it's hard to be completely prepared. However, I do think reviewing content is important. Also, doing practice questions so you can get a feel for what they are really asking is good. I would recommend Hurst online and the Kaplan book. Even though the book wasn't detailed I liked their practice questions. Good luck!