Passed NCLEX 1st time in 75 questions! Materials used and PVT trick!

How did you pass the NCLEX test?

If you've stumbled along this post you are most likely preparing for the NCLEX and freaking out or wondering if the Pearson Vue trick worked. I was the same way, I read many forums trying to calm my nerves and researching the best strategies to be prepared for this test. So let's get to it...


How did you pass the NCLEX test?

My school used ATI which are comprehensive exams taken at the end of the semester. I received mostly level 2's and a couple level 3's. I was an average student my grades were mostly B's and a few A's. At the end of our last semester we had to take an exam that predicted our likelihood of passing the NCLEX first try. My raw score was a 82.7 which translated to a 99% probability of passing the NCLEX. Take this with a grain of salt, nothing is guaranteed until you see your license!

How To Prepare For The NCLEX Exam

STEP 1 Study Materials


I used the NCSBN Learning Extension, I completed all of the practice questions which were around 1,300 questions. My scores were from 60-70s. The practice questions were okay, the wording helps you prepare for the NCLEX. It doesn't have a lot of SATA, the rationales are fairly poor and will only explain the correct answer. It has a bunch of content modules, if you are strong on content don't bother looking at it! The only content I reviewed was on my weak subjects. It also has post tests after the content, they can be pretty discouraging. I say that because you have to score 75 or above to be considered passing. If you do not get the 75, don't freak out! This is why you are studying! Overall it's a fairly good source. The questions compare to the NCLEX fairly well.


I can't express how much I love this source. The questions are tough, they have a lot of SATA, priority, and delegation! The rationales are exceptional and will explain in detail why an answer is correct or incorrect. I did the questions in 25 question increments covering all the topics. I wrote down all the rationales for questions I got wrong or anything that I didn't know. My scores were in the 60s and 70s, and my overall question bank score was a 69% which put me in the 96the percentile. I know it's hard but really try not to focus on the scores, the most important thing is to understand the rationales!!! They have two assessments that you can do which simulate the NCLEX and are 75 questions long. I don't remember the score for my first assessment but I remember that it put my in the 84th percentile with a very high chance of passing. (ALSO: I did that first assessment before I started the question bank!!) Once I completed the question bank I reviewed some of my incorrect questions and went back to the NCSBN and re-did all of the practice questions. The day before my exam I completed the second assessment in which I got a 78% with a very high chance of passing and was in the 97th percentile. If you only have the money to buy one source, BUY this one! (Another great thing about this source is it looks almost identical to the actual interface used in the test, which really helped relieve some of my nerves and made me feel comfortable)

Saunders book

I had the 6th edition which is the purple book. It's good for content and I suggest reviewing areas that you are really weak in! The questions are too easy don't use them as your main source of practice questions!!!

NCLEX Lippincott Passpoint

We had to use this source for our last semester of nursing school. The last two weeks I used this source and did practice exams that were 75 questions each. I did about 6 of them my average was a level 7.2. It recommends that you have above a level 4, if I'm not mistaken. It's okay, the rationales are pretty good but overall the questions are not that difficult.

The last two weeks i quizzed myself every single day on the cranial nerves, different diseases and their precautions, and the immunization schedule. THIS IS MUST KNOW INFORMATION, YOU WILL HAVE QUESTIONS ON THIS!!

Overall I studied for a month and a half, first 3 weeks I used the NCSBN source and once I got my ATT I purchased UWorld for 30 days.

STEP 2 Week before the exam

I put positive notes all over my house and study materials. I told myself that I was going to pass because I was prepared. If you cannot control your nerves and anxiety it will be very difficult to remain calm and recall information during the exam.

STEP 3 Day before the exam

Most people say not to study but you do what works for you!!! I studied from 11-8, did a ton of practice questions and reviewed my weak areas of content. (I used to cram in school and that worked for me)

STEP 4 Day of the NCLEX

My appointment was at 11:30, I left my house an hour and a half before. I listened to my favorite music and sang at the top of my lungs, that's therapeutic for me!! Arrived at the testing center with an hour to spare and I reviewed content in my car. Do I recommend that? Depends on the type of person you are, if you cram like me then go for it. If it'll make you more nervous then put the book down listen to some good music and breathe.


I had 75 questions, 23 SATA, 1 exhibit and 1 picture, 3 basic meds. Topics were a lot of priority, delegation, infection control, OB and psych. The questions are doable, take a deep breath before every question. Analyze and process what they are asking and use your best judgment.

PVT trick

I did the trick many times the first an hour after my exam and continually during the day. Once 24hrs passed I did it again, still the good pop up. The trick worked for me, I paid for my quick results and saw that I passed!! Remember when you do the trick put your correct card number BUT the wrong expiration and CVC code that way they cannot charge you even if you failed.

I know it seems impossible at times and the anxiety and stress may get the best of you... BUT you can do it, think positive, over prepare, take deep breaths, and try to stay calm!


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My school uses ATI and we have a 100% NCLEX pass rate. I don't plan on studying anything else except for my ati textbooks, I'm a mostly A student with a few Bs here and there. Congrats!!!!!! I'm a big fan of ATI.


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CardiacUnderground said:
My school uses ATI and we have a 100% NCLEX pass rate. I don't plan on studying anything else except for my ati textbooks, I'm a mostly A student with a few Bs here and there. Congrats!!!!!! I'm a big fan of ATI.

Hey! Thank you! ATI is great, it does a good job of preparing you but I don't think the questions are as hard as the ones on NCLEX! Whatever you decide to use I wish you the best of luck!!