passed nc7!! on to cpne!!

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hey sisterc, nc7 was very much by the content guide-there were no surprises. follow that and you'll be fine.

spazzy...can't wait to tell you what my date is, but ec hasn't even sent me an app yet...i called three days in a row and they finally agreed to resend me one. i have already received my last status report and carjack, but no app!! so they finally agreed yest to resend me an application. i am leaning toward srmc, since i live in georgia and haven't heard anything bad lately about that site. originally i was dead set on wisconsin, but have heard good things about srmc since. i haven't gotten through much of the study guide of course, but have been looking at mnemonics and am starting to memorize those. thanks for the interest!! will post more when i know more!!:rotfl:


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I tested last weekend at SRMC. I never tested at any other sites, so I have nothing to compare, but I really thought that the SRMC site was great. All of the CEs were great, and the CA was awesome.

There were seven of us, and I know that at least three of us passed. Two did not pass, and the other two were still testing when I left, so I'm hoping that they passed as well.

Good luck!


wow pmdc! great job...i'm jealous! it's good to hear another good story about srmc, glad you had a great experience. good luck with the boards, do you know which state you will be licensed in prior to georgia? i have been trying to figure out which one will get you licensed the fastest so i can get my georgia license asap. i know some states will allow you to take boards with only a letter of 'completion' from the nursing school instead of actual transcripts. any thoughts as to how you are going to get your georgia license?

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