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Hey guys, I finally took my TEAS today and got an 84%! (99th percentile program, 94% nationwide). I just wanted to give my 2 cents on the exam:

I hadn't taken a science class in around 10 years, felt pretty good about my English (born and raised in the US / good English scores), like to read and had just finished an Algebra and Trigonometry course (got an A).

I studied off and on for about a month, first completely notating the ATI book front to back (I wouldn't recommend it, learned more science from videos) and then when I felt that I would do well enough on the English, Reading and Math, I made study index cards for the Science based on the post here (How I Passed the Teas). I studied those index cards and watched Bozeman and Khan Academy videos while searching specific topics and finding the videos that I liked the best for the last 2 weeks. Bozeman was my favorite.

I found the actual test to be more similar to the exams in the back of the book. The online practice Science questions seemed way harder, while the other parts seemed to be about the same. I felt that the math might have been a little harder on the actual exam.

My scores broken down:

ATI Book Test #1 - 82% overall

Reading - 95

Math - 90

Science - 66

English - 80

ATI Book Test #2 - 79% overall

Reading - 83

Math - 86

Science - 75

English - 73

ATI Online Test #1 - 68% overall

Reading - 81

Math - 86

Science - 33 (I freaked out over this)

English - 86

ATI Online Test #2 - 72% overall

Reading - 85

Math - 76

Science - 54

English - 76

Actual TEAS Exam - 84% overall

Reading - 90

Math - 83

Science - 77

English - 90

Overall, I recommend getting the ATI book and the online exams and taking all 4 while timing yourself. I felt really comfortable with the format of the test and the time needed for each.

I will answer any and all questions anyone has because of how much this forum has helped me to calm my nerves and give me the tips necessary to pass this test.

- Chris from NYC

Thank you so much for posting this, I haven't seen a post like this in a while where someone compared their book scores broken down with the online scores. Do you remember if the science questions on the actual exam were very similar to the online practice science questions? Or did you find that any science questions on the online exams reflect the actual exam??

The science questions on the real exam seemed more basic with a lot of scientific reasoning and questions where you had to "think" instead of just flat out memorizing something.

Congratulations Bro!!

I took my test today and received an 80%! So happy that it's done!! :) I definitely recommend the ATI study guide and youtube videos from Keshwani and Bozeman. Those all helped tremendously. I was extremely worried since it's been 13 years since I graduated high school, but I only studied for about 3 weeks and did pretty well.

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Hi There! I also got 80% on my TEAS exam. I just took it a week ago. While I was aiming for a bit of a higher score, I was pleased that I passed it. I also haven't been in high school for almost 20 years, so it took a lot of prep. Congrats everyone!

Also..... For those who are out there looking for advice on what to expect (because I spent many nights scouring this site for tips), let me give you my experience:

I studied for a solid month. I used the ATI official guide, ACE the TEAS, and the McGraw Hill 5 TEAS tests book. I also watched some of the video lessons by Mometrix on YouTube. Honestly, I found the ATI guide to not be very helpful. It IS helpful with the Reading, Grammar, and Math sections. However, a good majority of the science wasn't on my exam. I know every test is different, but I was pouring over chemistry, hydrocarbons, bonds, kinetic/potential energy and condensation/evaporation calculations and pretty much none of those were on my test. I scored an 85% in science. Not saying not to study them, but I was a little frustrated at how broad the science section turned out to be. Also, my husband bought me the practice exams. Not only were they hard for me, but NONE of the questions turned up on the real exam. My friend took the exam with me, barely skimmed the ATI guide for a week, and scored an 82%. So..... I do not feel that you NEED to buy the online exams. They are similar in layout, just not worth the price in my opinion. It is my belief that the exam is more about how you can wrap your mind around a question. I am a 4.0 gpa student, so to get an 80% was surprising. However, I have heard that many people have difficulty with the test style and that was really my problem. I totally psyched myself out. Lol. So if you are out there...... relax, breathe, study well, but don't overthink everything like I did. Read slowly and carefully. You can do it! :)

Hi everyone!

I am preparing for Teas exam and since I saw that here are the most recent comments, I want to ask all of you if you guys can do for me a favor. I have the ATI study guide from my friend; however some of her practice test at the end of the book are highlighted. I would really like to check myself using those practice test. I need 18 pages, 2 science section and one math. I might ask a lot, but I would really appreciate your help if you can scan those pages and email to me, I can pay for it. I just don't want to pay 50$ for a book, just for few pages. I asked some ppl and amazon, they say they are not allowed. I looked on craiglist local and nobody has it. I would really appreciate if someone can help me. I am taking my test on Monday, 22nd February.

Thanks a lot!

Best to all of you and congratulations to all of you! I hope to do as well as all of you:)

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