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Passed my Entrance Exam and start LVN program in June

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by dschueler dschueler (Member)

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Anyone in the OC going to or planning to start Stanbridge College's LVN program??

I am starting the full time program on June 18th, and I am praying it is going to be pretty easy.

I was in 3 programs in the past, but the first LPN program, I got talked into quitting and going into the RN program. I did really well in both the LPN and RN programs, but my husband was in the Air Force, so we had to move to Charleston SC from IL.

I was on the RN program wait list in Charleston, Medical Univ. of SC, and was set to start in Sept of 95, and then in Oct 95, we moved to Germany, so once again, I had to stop my nursing program. We ended up back in IL from Germany, and the program had changed so much from the early 90's that I would have had to take all my labs again....so I just gave up the idea of nursing school.

Well, we moved out to California last August, and I just sort of looked into some programs out here, and finally bit the bullet. I will be 41 next month, and back in school again, but the difference is this time I will finish!! I plan to roll right into their RN program in either Summer/Fall of 08 or January of 09 depending on what they decide.

Well, pray for me!! I would love to hear from anyone who is in school, or just finished, or whatever!!

Anyone who went to Stanbridge or is going there, I would also love to hear from you!!



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Good for you for committing to finish this time! Women owe it to themselves to fully pursue their career choices from start to finish. I wish you well...

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scallywags specializes in OB/GYN.

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Hi Deb,

Congratulations on being accepted into the program and for your ambition to return to school.

I just finished a LVN program a few weeks ago. I am still taking classes and hope to move into a RN program in the next year. I still have two classes to finish. I just turned 35 this year...and I wasn't the youngest student in my class.

You are going to do great! Keep up the positive attitude :)

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