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Hey All!

I never post on here but I wanted to post some encouragement to all of you that are about to take the AANP FNP Boards since I looked at other posts to help ease my nerves prior to my exam. I passed this morning and it was a great feeling after all the hard work.

I took a live APEA course in January 2020 and would not suggest the high price tag. Some of my friends loved this course and would be so upset I am saying this but it just was not for me. I read the Leik book when I had some free time and did about half of the questions in the back of the book. The app was nice to have when I was working at lunch I could read content and do a few questions.

I listened to the Barkley audio and loved those. I could clean while listening to those and it helped me stay motived. I did board vitals one month cram review and answered ALL of those questions. I read each of the rationales and really studied why I missed each question, The Leik content was AMAZING the questions were easier in the book than the questions on the actual exam but still good to build stamina when answering questions. I took a few predictor exams through APEA (Scored 71-73%) and those were helpful in showing weak areas and preparing me for how the exam would be set up. I was a little concerned about those scores but it showed me I was reading the questions too fast and not actually understanding what the questions were asking.

The actual exam was very difficult, a lot of pediatric questions and pharmacology were on mine but I stayed calm and just took my time. You know more than you think you do. I worked all through grad school and while preparing for boards. I took three days off to study and purely focus on weak areas and refreshing content I felt good with. Most of the normal lab values were on my test except a few basic ones.

You can do this, Best of luck!

Shoe, APRN, NP

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Congratulations on your success!


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Congratulations, that is no small feat. I'll never forget the moment I found out. It was like a culmination of my entire career/school/precepting came together at that one moment in time. It brought tears to my eyes, I called my wife barely able to speak. Really a special time.

Now, the fun starts. Break a leg, or treat one, LOL.