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Hi...Has anyone attended or graduated from the program at Passaic County Community College. I was just accepted and do not know anything about their program. I'm trying to find out it they prepare their students well for the NCLEX or for on the job.


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You applied to a program you don't know anything about?? I have 2 semesters left at PCCC and LOVE the RN program and all the professors.

PCCC's NCLEX pass rate is in the very high 90's.....last I checked it was 97%.

It is a TOUGH program but they prepare you for the NCLEX from day 1. All the exams are NCLEX style questions. There is NEVER a grading curve and you need a 75 to pass each course. (From what I heard - that's because you basically need a 75 to pass the NCLEX)

Let me know if you have any other questions - I'd be glad to help!


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Yes, I applied on a whim....I've been planning on transferring to a four year program but space is so limited coming in as a transfer student. When I received the acceptance letter I was completely surprised, and worried that I may make the wrong decision going for the ASN first.

Thanks for the quick response. I've heard some negative things about PCCC and was hoping that those postings came from people that don't want to work hard and can't handle negative feedback from Professors.

I'm gonna take that seat so expect to hear from me again.

Thanks Again!


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Best of luck to you! Let me know if you have any questions - having survived Nursing 1 and 2 - I can give you tons of tip and advice on how to make it though with your sanity!!

I decided to go through PCCC because of the excellent reputation the program has and I want to get to work! I already plan on going on for my BSN and the professors really encourage you to! I'm even taking classes during the summer that will count towards my BSN so I have a little head start.

The professors are tough - but you'll learn soooo much from them. And they are ALL approachable and are invested in your learning. As long as you do what is expected of you - you'll be fine!!

Keep in touch! Good Luck!!!!!:) :D


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I graduated from PCCC in May 2010 and passed my NCLEX on the first try in 75 questions. I felt very prepared for it. The tests are hard but so is the NCLEX. I think everyone I graduated with, passed the NCLEX on their first try.

Some of the professors aren't the nicest and the comments they tell you aren't nice either but just block it out and show them you can do it. One in particular tries to belittle the students but once you show her you know what you talking about you will do fine.

I have some books that are required for the course that I am trying to sell before I move. If you are interested, private message me and I will let you know which ones I have

Best of luck with everything.


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Hi...I also got accepted to the nursing program I was so happy because I heard it's pretty hard to get in. I'm also trying to find out what nursing 1 is all about.

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Very good program. I studied at PCCC for a year to fulfill my prerequisites, deciding to go the way of a BSN program instead... was probably a mistake not to even apply to PCCC's Nursing program. I have a few friends enrolled who say that although it's demanding, that it's an excellent program. (P.S... I am still fighting to get into a BSN program--and made the mistake not to go for the RN at your school).

Go for it!!! Plus, you could always go for an RN to BSN later on... Congrats and enjoy!


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Thanks to all those who replied to my post!

Due to all the encouragement I registered without hesitation yesterday.

njgirl, I do have a few questions. #1. Where are you planning to obtain your BSN and what classes are you taking. I already have 40 credits and I don't believe most 4 year programs will allow more than 70 credits to transfer.

#2. Are you in the day program? I live an hour away and need to make plans for my children to get to and from school, but I'm a bit confused by the preliminary schedule they handed out during registration.

Any feedback is appreciated!


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Glad to hear you registered! :yeah: To answer your questions....

I was advised by the Nursing 2 Course Coordinator that St. Elizabeth's College accepts ALL PCCC credits from the nursing program. She advised me to take Statistics, Nutrition, and some religion & culture class (haven't looked into that one yet!) prior to applying for their BSN program because it's cheaper to take it at PCCC and they'll accept the credits. So, I'm taking statistics online this summer.

Yes, I attend the day program and I also live an hour away and had to plan daycare for my kids (we're in the same boat!!!) I have a 4th grader that I had to plan before school care for and a kindergartener that is in afternoons (1/2 day kindergarten where I live) so I needed daycare for him too..... Luckily, I have a daycare provider that is super flexible and has busing to and from my kids' school. So, while expensive....I had no worries about the kids.

Nursing 1 day schedule....lectures are in the afternoon on Monday and Thursday. Clinical didn't start up until the end of September and it was either Tuesday or Wednesday from approx (Trying to remember.....) 7 or 8 until about 1:00.

The skills lab is open all the'll have several (OK...A LOT) of skills in Nursing 1 that you have to "test-out" of....this sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. Practice, Practice, Practice! And there is ALWAYS someone (an instructor or other nursing students) in the lab to help you out!

Oh...and it all changes in January in Nursing 2 - then the lectures are in the make sure whoever you have for daycare will be willing to change it up it January!

Hope this helps! :D


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Thanks...I'll check out St. Elizabeth's.

Good luck with statistics!


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Hi sussexgirl,

Just wondering where in Sussex, I live in Hopatcong and am starting the PCCC program in September.

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