Parttime LPN program Really isnt parttime!!!

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I have been in school for LPN now for about 1 month. Im starting to realize that the LPN program that Im in is not parttime at all with all the work they give you its really not parttime well at least not to me. I have alot of reading and I have a exam every week. Thank goodness I dont work.They say this program is made for people that work full time.. I find it difficult to finish my readings study for my test and take care of my kids, and be able to ace an exam... If I worked I doubt seriously if I could do it.. I guess im glad that I took A&PI &II at the community college or I would really be lost. Its a lot of studying. Does anyone else feel this way.. I guess thats why so many drop out half way through...


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I remember my old ADN program was supposed to be a two year program. About one in every ten students actually did it in 2 years. Most people took at least 3 years. I took 4 years and that was not unusual. A lot of people who were in my class who had degrees in other disciplines were in shock, the couldn't believe how hard it was. That was a long time ago and I don't know if things have changed. I got a feeling things have not gotten easier, probably got harder.

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