Partner offered job in Chicago.


My partner/father of my unborn son due April, 3 days ago got an offer to move to Chicago and in the consideration of taking the offer, (Knowing I won't be able to join him till atleast mid June as of being pregnant) I'm trying to find out what is possible for me...

IF his visa allows me to live, work and study in Chicago,(As of yet we are not sure of what Visa he will get, I'm just scouring my options for all possible decisions) Will I be able to get into a university to study nursing with only 7 GCSE's at Grades A-C and a BTEC National Diploma in Film and television production.

Also what routes would I have to take to become a midwife in Chicago or would I just have to do general nursing and if so would that be transferable if I ever wanted/had to move back to England?

And finally would it be wiser to study here and then move?

As I probably won't go if there is no opportunity for me out there, but obviously I want to be with my husband and baby as a family.

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Unless you are married you will not get a visa allowing you to live and work with him. You could get a B1 co-habit which will allow you to live in Canada but not work. Better to find which visa he will get. If you train in the US you will have to meet NMC requirements when you go back to the UK and anything less than a BSN isn't currently accepted. Midwifery is different in the US to UK