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A lady-frairly young- early 40's -from our church had surgery yesterday for repair of a repair of rotator cuff. Fourth time something has been done to this shoulder in past 5 months. Last surgery she compalined that her shoulder dropped and that her shoulder blade would 'stick' out with minimal movement of arm- they kept giving her physical therapy and she kept going to the doctor for her checkups. Last Fri she ask for a MRI to see what was the matter. Well the Doctor said she was in there several times and did not need an MRI to know what it looked like but did relent and have a x-ray done. Her shoulder was dislocated!! and had been probably for four weeks!:( Has been on Oxycotin - one q 12 hr. ). Well, yesterday another surgon in another Hosp operated, before leaving the RR had an X-Ray -guess what? it had slipped out already ,so back to the OR for more surgery and he did a PARTIAL SHOULDER. What would that involve? I never worked Orotho. Also this time her arm is in a sling -the last time it was suspended up on an IV pole- went home with it up (bent at the elbow like an L) Any info will be apprectiated, Thanks. (was going to post on the Orotho site but no one has entered anything since 5/2 and know this and off topics is a busy, busy area.) :)


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I hope this is your answer

In shoulder replacement surgery, the painful surfaces of the damaged shoulder are resurfaced with artificial shoulder parts. The part that replaces the ball consists of a stem with a rounded metal head. The part that replaces the socket consists of a smooth plastic concave shell that matches the round head of the ball. When both sides of the joint are resurfaced, its called a total shoulder replacement. when only the the humeral side of the joint (ball) is resurfaced. Its called a partial shoulder replacement.

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