Partial Bed Bath NY Skills Test (No. of Washcloths)

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Hey all,

My friend and I are having a debate as to the number of washcloths used for the Partial Bed Bath. This is for the NYC cna state exam.

He tells me that only 1 (one) washcloth is needed

I believed the instructor mentioned 4 (four) Wash Cloths:

1 for face

1 for neck and arms

1 for Chest

1 for Back

The facility doesn't care much about it's students so calling the instructor would get a reply to "call back later"

Also the written materials given are quite garbled. It says "4x Washcloths" on my paper and just "washcloth" on my friend's.

Clarifications would be much appreciated. Thanks a bunch! :)

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I'm not in NY, but in my state a partial bed bath is technically the face, hands, armpits, crotch, and butt. Which would be 5 or 6 washcloths depending on how soiled the person is. Your friend is definitely wrong. If you used only one washcloth on your test I don't think you'd pass.

At my job we also have to wash the back, abdominal folds, and under the boobs, but if we used more than 3 washcloths on everyone we'd run out of linen pretty quick. So most of us do the face then hands with one, then the pits and folds with another, and peri-care with the 3rd.

For the exam, go with the 4, not 1.

1. eyes, face, neck, chest, arm, leg.

2. back.

3. outer buttocks.

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