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Hi guys, I've been my dreams of becoming a nurse for a while now. I have decided to start this 2020 right.

I am currently in a fast  food restaurant, my availability at them moment is open ( my schedule could be early as opening time, rush hour, and closing time) although it's my first job, I do enjoy  working there and my coworkers.  

I plan to go to school for cna/pct. so I know for sure I am able to have my schedule fixed.  However, my dilemma is when I am over with cna school, am I able to keep my ft job @ at the restaurant  and seek for a pt as cna?

As I mentioned, the job I have is my first job ever and I dont even have 6 months working there, I dont want to go pt or quit for cna quite yet.

Am I m able to jog between  a pt job fast food and pt CNA? Or should I go ft cna and pt fast food?  Or pt for both?

Again, my problem here is not that I cant do nights or days, but if I am ble to do both so either way I have a minimum of a year working in both areas and later on continue with my career .

I will greatly appreciate your time and advice. 

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You can work any kind of schedule you need. Just work this out when you get hired as a CNA. Knew a CNA who was only scheduled for night shifts on Friday night, and then she didn’t work them. But that is a tale for another thread. 

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