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Parkland Hospital job descriptionL unit technician ER

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hey peeps, new kid on the block here. well, just ur block. been playing Ditch Doctor for 29 years now and want to work in a hospital now. My question regards Parkland and the title: "unit technician urgent care ED". Now is that the properly level for Licensed Paramedics to seek? And, by reading the job responsibilities and qualifications, nothing is noted as EMT or medic cert/license. Only some medical training (I read it as no specific cert required). Which is perfect for me to return to medicine S/P foot tumor, which concequently resulted in my EMT-LP renewal to expire. I am still "Active" in TDH system. So someone tell me how close I am on this speculation....P.S. is there that dang new online pre-employment test for Parkland? I have failed the 7 I've taken over the last few years. I was informed I am "too honest"...WELL EXCUUUUSE ME"...someone, anyone, everyone tell me. (and YES I think I would enjoy skydiving)

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