Mater's Degree in Parish Nursing

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    I just wanted to see how much opportunity there was out there for Parish Nurses. I have read a little bit about it, and it sounds like an interesting area to me. I am currently applying to Gonzaga University for a Masters in Education, but they do have a Masters in Parish nursing available, and I have been thinking about possibly trying it. Any Parish nurses out there want to share some experiences? Is the pay OK? How do you find a job? Thanks everyone, and Happy Nursing!
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    I am a Critical Care nurse, and I also work one day a week on a med/surg floor, and I do Pediatric Home care every once in a while.


  3. by   emrettig
    Jobs in Parish Nursing depend on your region. Many of the nurses work in unpaid positions while some of us have paid postions. I would talk to someone at Gonzaga to find out how much help they will give you with job placement. Check out the International Parish Nurse Resource Center for more information.

  4. by   live4today
    Hello Carp,

    I am also interested in the Master's program you speak of for Parish Nurses. I am hoping to attend a Parish Nurse program here in San Antonio the end of January that last for eight days. The cost of the course is $450.00 and offers 40 contact hours and a certificate at the end of the course. So far, I do not have the money to participate, but pray for a miracle to happen so I can attend that course.

    I would like to be paid as a parish nurse and work in a hospital or community health center helping people. Since my right arm injury does not permit me to do heavy lifting anymore, Parish Nursing would allow me to continue my practice as a nurse, only in a different capacity that I feel I would be of great service to.

    Thanks for any information you can offer me about this program, etc.