Parameters/Indicators for use of Crit Line?

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I have been asked by the manager of our 24 chair chronic unit to formulate some hard data criteria to use as indicators for use of the crit lines as we only have two to use. What specifics (if any) do you all use? Some ideas are % of deviation from Tx goal, increased incidence of IDM's (which is not hard data), post hospitalization, etc. Any helpful hints, ideas? What criteria do you all use? I love the machines, but we need to prove their usefulness and also establish QA guidelines for their use.

I am having fun with learning since I am still relatively new to dialysis. Also, I was wondering if any one uses profiles with crit line and how does this affect your 'A,B, or C' graph line?

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Our docs will write an order to evaluate a dry wt and we will use the crit line. When a pt has had a hospital stay and you know they have lost good wt, on a transient and new pt are all valuable times to use a crit line. Also, if you have that pt that always is hard to dialyze because of their bp or frequent wt changes of if they are just unpredictable. It helps to have a "window" to see what is going on. You can use a crit line with a profile (if you have one to spare) to see how it effects the pt. I prefer to do my own profiling when i use the crit line.

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