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does anyone know about paramedic to rn programs in macomb/oakland/st clair/wayne areas. sc4 is the only one i know of.

also is the paramwdic to rn bridge faster. meaning do you have to go on a waitlist or whatever or is it if you have a valid paramedic license you can kinda jump into the program. i have completed many college classes including english comp 1 and 2. a&p. microbiology. psychology and so on.

any info would help. thank you


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you can try excelsior college, its a distant learning program. i'm not quite sure if it could be called a bridge program but i do know that they accept your paramedic license and previous credits. check them out at hope this helps


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Excelsior takes a LOT of flak on paramedic/EMS forums. Do some searches at about it. Starting off as a paramedic instead of an LPN, you're already behind other nursing students in certain areas, and Excelsior will do nothing to alleviate that.

The only colleges I know of in MI with paramedic-RN programs are SC4, LCC and Southwest Michigan college. Almost every paramedic-RN program I've seen online requires at least 1 year experience before you can get in.

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