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Paramedic to RN Fall 2016

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Is there anyone out there that is trying for the Paramedic to RN program at Ivy Tech- Lawrence Fall 2016? Or any past Paramedics that took the Medic to RN there and what did you think of the program? How was your Grades and TEAS for getting into the program?

I went through the course. Your medic experience will help but you will be frustrated a lot. Medics and RNs approach things differently. You have to be open to doing things differently. Care plans....not practical or useful but it's a hoop you have to jump through. Clinicals are easy compared to medic clinicals. If you have a lot of experience as a street medic, you will be bored. Again, just another hoop.

I am understanding the frustration and boredom. I have been in EMS 21 years 11 as a medic 4 Years I worked in an ER and truck. I'm really struggling with OB/peds. Not my favorite subject but I'm just making it thru. Clinical is a snap. In my 2nd of 3 semesters at Ivy Tech I would never recommend the program at the Lawrence campus to anyone..... Ever. It's poorly organized and the Pediatric instructoris the worst teacher I have ever had compared to any of my college courses.

I felt the same way about the peds class/instructor. Just keep your head down and try to make the best of it. Real learning comes on the job anyway.


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